Plants and Components

Waste Water Treatment

Consultancy, design and supply of treatment plants for waste water.

Exhaust Systems

Exhausting units, suction channels, gas scrubbers.

Power Supply Units

Alternating current transformers, direct/alternating current transformers, rectifiers.


Cooling units, heat exchangers, cooling towers.

Tank Heating Equipment

Immersion heaters of stainless steel, glass, ceramic and PVDF incl. temperature control.

Electrode Systems

Electrode and cathode systems and their components for anodizing, electro-coloring and electro-polishing processes.

Contacting Systems

High-current finger contacts, mechanically or pneumatically driven.

MC-Filtration Systems

Plate filter systems for filtration of coloring, cold sealing and hot sealing baths, filter systems for oil absorption and activated carbon-filters.