Anodizing Clamps

Solid materials, chemical and temperature resistant, also available with ceramic or titanium tips.

Bath Covers

Covering balls with different diameters, made of HD-polyethylene or polypropylene. Hexagonal solid floats for covering heated process baths.

Laboratory Chemicals and Equipment

Consumables, standard solutions, titration automats, glassware, scales.


Metamatik-pHMeasuring and dosing unit for permanent pH-measurement and automatic pH-adjustment of nickel-containing process baths.
Metamatik-ColorMeasuring and dosing unit for automatic dosage of Metacolor® Replenisher Solutions for Metacolor® electro-coloring processes.

Technical Equipment

Anodizing CleanersPreservation and mechanical cleaning of anodized aluminium surfaces.
Metacolor® Repair Sprays
Metacolor® Repair Paint Sticks
Measurement InstrumentsFilm thickness, reflection, gloss, color.
Filter PapersStandard types, activated carbon, special papers.
Filter ClothCathode covers, cathode bags for reduction of sulfuric acid-emissions during the anodizing process, tailor-made.
Activated CarbonSpecial activated carbon for decoloration of aqueous solutions, especially for cold and hot sealing baths.
Titanium RacksFull range of racks made of titanium.

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