E 2000
Aluclin 12S
Aluclin 18S
Aluclin 12F
AC 87/88
Alkaline and acidic high-performance degreasers for aluminium as liquids and powders are also available borate-free. All cleaners conform to the requirements of the detergent directive regarding biodegradability of surfactants.


Al 100FLiquid additive for E0-Etch processes for the prevention of stone formation and stabilization of the aluminate solution.


Al 3000
Al 4000
Ready-made etch additive-series for creating decorative surfaces according to DIN 17611/E6. The Al 3000-/Al 4000-additives contain all required components as one-pack-solution for the E6-Etch process.
Al 5000Liquid long-life etch additive for creation of decorative surfaces according to DIN 17611/E6. Reduced metal weight loss, excellent matting, superior rinsing properties, outstanding bath stability.
Al 7000
Al 8000
Liquid long-life etch additives for creation of decorative surfaces according to DIN 17611/E6. Reduced foam formation, excellent drain out-efficiency, allow larger surfaces per load and prevent floating of racks.
Al 6500 SThe long-life etch additive Al 6500 S has the same properties as the Al 7000/Al 8000-series with the advanced ability to eliminate the negative effect of heavy metals (prevention of grain effect).

Die Etching

MaclinAdditive for stabilizing the aluminate solution in die etches.


Deox HD
Deox RSH
Additives for nitric acid-free removal of alloy residues in sulfuric acid-containing desmutting baths.

Chemical Brightening

Luxal® G
Metalux 7
Metalux 1
Ready-made one-pack-solutions for production of semi gloss- and high gloss-surfaces.


Metalux ELReady-made one-pack-solution for production of electro-polished high gloss-surfaces.
Metaclear ELAdditive for clarifying bath after the electro-polishing process for removal of oxide skins and alloy residues.

Metacolor® Electro-Coloring Processes

Metacolor® Replenisher Solution
Tin Sulfate
Metacolor® coloring solutions, stabilizer systems and tin sulfate for achieving the shades C31-C35 by our two-step electro-coloring process.
Metacolor® StainlessMetal salt solutions and stabilizers for the economical production of stainless steel-colors on anodized aluminium surfaces.

Dye Colors

Dye colors for creating premium colored aluminium surfaces persuade by excellent coloring attitudes and brilliant colors.
Mineral GoldDye stuff based on iron oxalate for gold coloring of aluminium surfaces.

Hot Sealing

Alusiel 11
Liquid additives for the optimal smut-free hot sealing of anodizing films, meeting the requirements of effective quality standards. Analyzable, simple dosing,

Cold Sealing

Liquid and powdery one-component-products for cold sealing of anodizing films with lightfast green shade-compensation.

Dual Step Sealing

Energy-saving dual step sealing-process for economical smut-free sealing of anodizing films, meeting the requirements of effective quality standards.

Special Sealing Processes

K14-P / Sealox® BRSpecial sealing processes for the production of alkaline-resistant anodizing films.


Al-N PlusWetting agent for alkaline long-life etch systems, which improves the rinsing properties and drain out-efficiency, especially for profiles with narrow hollow sections. Also applicable as rinse aid for alkaline rinsing baths.
Na-12 ZFoam cover for alkaline process baths.
SchaumalFoam cover for acidic process baths.
Sealox®PlusHigh-performance wetting agent for hot sealing baths to prevent flow marks and drying spots.
MetaflockSpecial flocculant for application in aluminium containing waste water.
Antifoam FADefoaming systems for application in waste water and rinsing processes.
Antifoam APDefoaming system for application in alkaline rinsing and alkaline degreaser processes, free of silicones.
Fluid Protect R42Preserving agent for application in anodizing plants to prevent undesired degradation processes, formation of algae and fungus spores.
Elox-PlusElox-Plus allows anodizing at higher temperatures and with higher aluminium concentrations.
pH-PlusAdditive for ammonia-free adjustment of the pH-value of cold sealing baths.
Delta VI
Additive for stabilizing aluminium hydroxide solutions during storage.

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