Al-N Plus

Wetting agent for alkaline long-life etch systems, which improves the rinsing properties and drain out-efficiency, especially for profiles with narrow hollow sections. Also applicable as rinse aid for alkaline rinsing baths.

Na-12 Z

Foam cover for alkaline process baths.


Foam cover for acidic process baths.


High-performance wetting agent for hot sealing baths to prevent flow marks and drying spots.


Special flocculant for application in aluminium containing waste water.

Antifoam FA

Defoaming system for application in waste water and rinsing processes.

Antifoam AP

Defoaming system for application in alkaline rinsing and alkaline degreaser processes, free of silicones.

Fluid Protect R42

Preserving agent for application in anodizing plants to prevent undesired degradation processes, formation of algae and fungus spores.


Elox-Plus allows anodizing at higher temperatures and with higher aluminium concentrations.


Additive for ammonia-free adjustment of the pH-value of cold sealing baths.

Delta VI

Additive for stabilizing aluminium hydroxide solutions during storage.